The Best Shampoo for Blonde Hair

The Best Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Purple shampoo is the secret product to keep your blonde hair color fresh and vibrant.

Let’s cut to the chase – UV rays, chlorine, mineral deposites in the water, can all mess with your hair and create those yellow undertones that no blonde babe wants. Technically speaking, brassiness refers to the unwanted yellow or orange tones that show up if you don’t take proper care of your blonde locks. A tinted shampoo is the secret to fighting brassiness, minimise discolouration and keep your blonde shade looking its best and brightest… for weeks! Purple is used because is the direct opposite color of yellow – purple and yellow cancels one another out. It’s based on color-wheel theory.

A pigmented purple shampoo can neutralize the yellow hue and take you back to the bright blonde color you wanted in the first place. Trust Billion Girl editors, every blonde needs a purple shampoo in their shower.

Best shampoo for blondes

People say blondes have more fun, but there’s nothing fun about brassy tones. Take a look in the mirror and if your blonde is quite yellow, you need to get your hands on the best purple shampoo for blonde hair. But don’t worry – Billion Girl has already found it! Have you try Philip B’s Icelandic Blonde Shampoo?

Enriched with plum extracts, grape seed oil, and time-released botanicals, this nourishing shampoo deposits purple pigment into your hair, negating brassiness and brightening the silver tones. It also illuminates highlights while neutralizing brass yellow tones. For about five minutes in between, the purple pigment works wonders to neutralize those brassy shades with its magical, opposite-end-of-the-color-wheel powers. Also expect great moisture and shine! The best part? You only have to use it once or twice a week for maintenance. Alternate using it with color safe shampoos.

And get this: Philip B’s shampoo for blonde hair works. Say hello bright bombshell hair!

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