Collagen Shots, What You Need to Know

Collagen Shots, What You Need to Know

Get ready to radiate beauty from the inside out with Collagen Shots, Billion Girl’s best seller.

Collagen supplements have become big business. Are they the new fountain of youth?

According to research, collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and the responsible for the structure and elasticity in our skin, but as we age, collagen’s natural production slows down. After the age of 25, we break down more collagen than we make, so that’s why we start to see fine lines and wrinkles. The bad news is, this condition only gets worse as there is no way to prevent collagen decreases in the body and our skin’s natural process of cell regeneration is less frequent.

Not cool, but don’t panic by the sight of your skin slowly sagging. For many years now, Japanese women have been drinking high-concentrated collagen supplements to keep their glow and reduce the appearance of signs of ageing.

Can a drink really banish wrinkles and improve skin health? Yes. A growing number of studies demonstrate the potential for collagen peptides in drinks or supplements. With the best ones, you can drink your way to younger-looking skin.

Our favorite collagen supplement is the incredible Collagen Shots by Rejuvenated. By mixing just one scoop of the powder into water we are giving our body 10,000 mg of marine collagen meant to improve the elasticity in our skin, among other things like reducing dark circles, under-eye bags and fine lines. After a couple of weeks we started to feel an improvement in our skin texture and Collagen Shots has been our best beauty secret since then.

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