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  • Ancient & Brave

    When Hollywood naturopath, Annelie Whitfield, met media lawyer and entrepreneur, Kate Prince, a shared idea became a new way of living - Ancient + Brave was born to help you awake your true potential.

    They are passionate about lifestyle and fasting strategies that allow our bodies to naturally rejuvenate. It's not just about losing weight.

    Ancient + Brave redefines fasting, thanks to the coffee and cacao found in their blends, the key amino acids in True Collagen and the healthy fats in True MCT metabolic oil. 

    "We’re not perfect yet, but we’re trying damn hard to be..."

  • Atelier Nubio

    Atelier Nubio provides natural supplements specifically created to provide you with all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes you need. They offer one-of-a-kind nutritional benefits in order to create a healthier lifestyle.

  • Billion Girl Beauty

    Billion Girl is transforming the way people think about their beauty. We've learnt first hand that beauty comes from within after dealing with troubled tired-looking skin and coarse nails. Taking beauty supplements soon cleared our complexions and we noticed a radical shift within a few weeks. 

    Always in tune with beauty supplements and the best formulas, our passion became more than a hobby and we felt ready to make our next power move and develop products that would become part of Billion Girl's brand: Billion Girl Beauty. For us, no dream is too big. 

    Our products are formulated with the best materials and life-changing ingredients - we know because they changed our own. 

    We want you to begin your inner beauty journey. 

  • Books Billion Girl

    Our selection of beauty and health books.

  • Cosm Skin & Mind

    Cosm Skin & Mind is now a holistic brand offering wellness rituals for skin, body and mind. Because stress is an important part of our daily lives, they use adaptogens that help improve the body's resistance to stress and restore emotional, physical and spiritual balance

  • Cosmic Dealer

    A Tongue Cleaner Changed My Life's founders are modern women curious about ancient health rituals: in pursuit of niche wellness products that actually work!

    Because tiny changes can lead to big shiftsThis small good habit of cleaning your tongue started to inspire other good habits, and in the end, it was the catalyst that helped us quit sugarfall sick far less often, and finally give priority to our health.   

  • KIKI Health

    Kiki Health was born out of a desire to promote optimum health and well being. Their passion is to source dietary and beauty products of the highest quality and purity from around the world.

    Detoxify, heal and nourish with meticulously chosen and ethically processed ingredients. Kiki Health’s impressive range of 100% raw, high quality supplements are an essential addition to your beauty journey. 

    "Absolute freshness, specialized knowledge and a good measure of heart"

  • Liha Beauty

    Liha Beauty is based in Cheltenham and Hackney and the founders are Liha Okunniwa & Abi Oyepitan, a British-Nigerian duo of beauty junkies obsessed with skin care, natural cosmetics and African beauty secrets. 

    Liha Beauty was born from the desire to create a luxe, vegan, organic skincare brand that blends the rich botanical life of Africa with traditional English aromatherapy. They create beauty products that are, like them, a mixture of natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude.

    Their line of artisanal products includes pure golden shea butter particularly great for treating extra-dry skin types, black soap and a sublime moisturising oil made from cold pressed coconut oil. 

    Liha's community is deeply rooted in Yoruba culture and spreads throughout the world to share the power of Asé, wellness, slow-living and self care. All Liha's packaging and materials are made, designed and produced in the UK - recyclable and reusable.

    “We think the idea that you can use what’s in your kitchen and improvise with your routine is very African, while the use of plant essences comes from a British tradition".

  • OASE

    Hair Vitamins that supply your hair with all essential nutrients from within.

  • Olaplex

    There's no denying that repeated colouring can damage the quality of our hair, making it more prone to dryness, dullness and split ends. Olaplex has become the hair treatment that the best salons and beauty insiders can't live without - is only patented system to noticeably repair extreme damage. 

    "A complete game changer!

  • Philip B

    Meet Philip B, the finest botanical luxury award-winning products to restore health and give you the most beautiful hair ever. As Hollywood's preeminent hair-treatment expert, Philip B has garnered international praise for his visionary approach to hair treatments. 

    "You’re depending on word of mouth, celebrity gossip, friends telling friends. That’s how you build a cult brand". 

    Get ready for endless good hair days ahead! 

  • Proceanis

    The original PROCEANIS® Hyaluron Drink, for natural beauty from the inside, visible freshness, and noticeable balance. Shop now at Billion Girl. 

  • Raaw by Trice

    RAAW by Trice is not your ordinary beauty brand. They keep their formulas simple - no false marketing. RAAW started as a hobby, not as a business, because Trice Christiansen, the founder, wanted a beauty routine that was good for her skin, her body, and her environment.

    RAAW by Trice is also committed to creating holistic chemical free beauty products. We're sold. 

    You don’t need forty ingredients in a product for it to be efficient". 

  • Rahua

    Beauty is power. Rahua's luxury range of all organic hair care and body products will have every inch of you glowing more than ever. Renew dry and damaged hair with a centuries-old traditional remedy created in partnership with women from Amazonian tribes while delighting in the rainforest's natural gifts. 

  • Rejuvenated

    Behind the brand: Rejuvenated's founder, Kathryn Danzey, started on the concept of beauty from within over 20 years ago - it was at this time that she founded her brand of supplements and powerful antioxidants to develop the concept.

    Do you want the secret to beautiful, brighter, glowing skin?
    Their bestseller Collagen Shots came about after 10 years of research and development. Be gorgeous naturally with their high strength blend of skin firming active ingredients in this super anti-aging collagen drink.

    "Discover how you can shine from the inside out". 

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items
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